I found a time machine


Challenge: Write something without stopping, you have 8 minutes.
Note: This is a rambling, mumbo jumbo, messy thought cloud. Read at your own risk. Not much editing, lots of poor grammar, punctuation, etc. but this is how my brain works 😉

I want to redo school. No, I want to undo school and do childhood again. I am so thankful I get to. Although I don’t have a time machine, I have three littles to raise and I am doing it differently. Sometimes I think I am selfishly doing it for myself.

Have you ever picked up a book, maybe one with the worst print job ever (the colours are totally misaligned) and worried it was a waste of money? And then you start that book and 5 minutes in you never want to put it down. It happens all the time, well usually the covers look better than the book I am currently reading.

I have long been a basher of reality TV. I am not exactly sure why, probably because someone who I respected or had a life I wanted bashed it and I guess I think I should probably go along with them. I had a revelation tonight… I friggin’ love reality… I love reading about other people, how they do life, what they love to do, what inspires them, what they accomplish, what they fail at and what adventure is on the horizon. I love the ideas, I love the “aha” moments, I love being challenged, I love thinking they are off their rocker and I love test driving some of the ideas. Annnnnnnd what I really love is discussing it with other people. So now I am wondering what is wrong with reality TV, isn’t what I am doing the same thing? Ohhhhh…. but TV rots your brain and wouldn’t you rather live your own life than watch someone else live theirs? I have said all of these things and believed them very full heartily, but now that I am back in school but not anywhere close to it (insert maniacal laughter), I am beginning to ask myself why I have thought those things. I get sucked into TV, that has always been my claim to not wanting to watch it because it would waste my day, but I get sucked into books too,is that a waste of a day? I bet most people consider those that read often to be more “intelligent”, but really how is it different if your brain is turned on? Maybe some people don’t turn their brains on? Well, that is a whole other blog post. I guess I can’t have my book reading in the background… but yes I can – BOOKS ON TAPE, Hmmm… other than Narnia I don’t have many of those.

Boy I love thinking again.

I love having a sliver of a thought and sitting at my old dirty white Macbook and tippy-tapping. I also love that when I am writing something that thrills me I smile and sometimes I even find myself mouthing the words. Of gosh this is exhilarating! Why didn’t I start this before! God totally knows me. I have always loved to write, no, I can remember at the beginning I loved to write. I am so thankful he has given me an opportunity to try my hand at it again. On that thought I have always loved to sing and dance, but for a time in my life I heard that I wasn’t very good at either of those things. I have always secretly wanted to be in a musical. I love to be loud, I love to make people laugh, I love to sing from my belly and I would love to be an amazing dancer. If you have known me for more than 35 seconds you know I love to preform. No, I don’t currently sing and dance, well not in public, but I certainly do around my kids, but I make faces, I do voices (although my husband seems to think they all sound strangely South-Asian) and I talk with my hands A LOT. I love to be with people and I love when people are having a good time. I am so glad to have my kids, they are my audience, they are the audience I needed to gain a little confidence. I think with this new found confidence I might just take over the world, I mean because what else would be worth my time?

What would you do if you could have a do over?
If you write a messy thought cloud in 8 minutes, I WANT to read it, please send it to me.


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Student of the Word, lover of people, servant to the most High
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