I like Tea

Some days it’s really clear. Some days I feel like I have been riding a merry-go-round and I get off and everything is spinning.

Who am I? I think I forgot. I think I changed.  Well… I like to be alive, I like to smell fresh air, I like to move my body and I like to dance a lot. I like people, I like big groups and I like talking. I like serving food and making people smile. I like high energy and loud noises. I like silence and stillness. I like talking and writing to myself. I like hot showers, I like hot baths and I like to read. I like to sing and perform very energetically when I drive. Currently to Adele, but not Hello. I like to laugh, I like to snort and I like to be silly. Sometimes I like to cry, I like to feel all the feels and then I like to move on. I am loyal. I am honest. I care. I care too much. I like when others win. I like to show people how shiny they really are. I don’t like sitting around, unless deep in thought, conversation or cup of tea. I don’t like coffee. I wish I liked coffee. I do like tea. Sometimes I like cream in my tea, but just sometimes.

I have boundary issues. I let people in quick. I let myself become what they need. And then sometimes I realize I forgot who I am.

Rest easy daughter. I know who you are. Come to me and I will show you bit by bit. You are safe here. And now I am figuring it out. But it will take today. That’s okay, I have today.


About Liz Powers

Student of the Word, lover of people, servant to the most High
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